About DIVA


30 years ago a group of gay volleyball enthusiasts in the Oak Lawn area got together regularly to play volleyball on Sunday afternoons. They decided to form a league and DIVA was created with six teams in 1989. Since then our league has grown to 400 members and we are now one of the largest LGTB volleyball organizations in the United States. Last fall 54 teams competed in seven different divisions every Friday night. We have outgrown the City of Dallas Recreation Centers, and we now play at the Advantage Sports Complex with 12 indoor courts available.

DIVA Today

DIVA is now one of the largest gay sports organizations in the metroplex. We offer competitive play and volleyball skills training at seven different levels. You can be a novice to an experienced player to join DIVA and have fun. Many people begin in the Recreational Division to learn the game and develop their skills. No matter how good you are at volleyball, there is a division and potential friends waiting for you here.

We are a very diverse group of people. Our membership proudly boasts both men and women who are gay, straight, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, etc. They range in age from 18-60+. Whereas some of our members have never touched a volleyball in their life before joining DIVA, others may have played in college and currently compete on traveling teams playing tournaments throughout the US. If you are interested in playing volleyball there is a place for you in DIVA. The DIVA website and Facebook page have become our best communication tool with our members.

Please get used to visiting the site on a regular basis. You will find contact information for the members of the Board should you need help or information. Members can also find contact information for other members (when registering you can opt not to have your information made public). This information is not publicly accessible; you must be a current member to view it.

On the website you can find directions to all facilities we play at. You can also find upcoming events, schedules for the season, team rosters, teams standings, and even links to other volleyball organizations like us throughout the US. Important updates are always being posted on the website, so check it out regularly to stay on top of what's going on in DIVA.

Points to Note

  • DIVA is an all-volunteer organization and we do not have an office. All communication is done via email or social media.
  • All registration should be completed online for DIVA league fees. Exceptions are made for financial hardships. 
  • DIVA's registration system accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit Cards, and ACH payments. 

If you have a problem registering or can't remember your username or password, send an email to registrar@divadallas.org

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