New Member Clinics

Our next new member clinics for the Spring 2018 Season are as follows: 

Tuesday, January 16th - New Member Clinic (6:30 pm - 9 pm @ Polk Recreational Center
Thursday, January 18th - New Member Clinic (6:30 pm - 9 pm @ 
Polk Recreational Center

Monday, January 22nd - New Member Clinic (6:30 pm - 9 pm @ Polk Recreational Center
Tuesday, January 23rd - New Member Clinic (6:30 pm - 9 pm @ 
Polk Recreational Center)  
Wednesday, January 24th - New Member Clinic (6:30 pm - 9 pm @ 
Polk Recreational Center)

New Member Clinics will be held prior to the Fall and Spring seasons to allow new members to experience play in DIVA and to be evaluated into one of the seven (7) divisions.  During evaluations, each skill will be scored based on the division characteristics. Skills will be evaluated for technique, execution, and quality towards overall effectiveness. Division placement will be based on where a majority of skills are rated. Please check out the Evaluation Guidelines so you know what to expected of each division. 

New Member Clinics Format

Each season the Chair of the Skills and Evaluations Committee will conduct a New Member Clinic in order to rate new members into the correct division.  Attendance to one of these clinics is mandatory for all new members.  Each member will undergo a series of drills showcasing all of the major skill sets needed to play volleyball.  Members will be assessed by no fewer than 3 members of the Evaluations Committee and will be rated and placed into a division by the end of the clinic.  Below is a brief outline of the New Member Clinic.

Pepper (10 Minutes)

Players will pair with another player and pepper [ meaning to bump, set and spike with each other] working on controlling the ball and keeping the rally going.Evaluators will be looking for players ability to bump, set and hit as well as skills like coordination, movement/agility, ball control, accuracy, etc.

Bumping/Passing (15 minutes)

Players will pass the ball to a setting target from both sides of the court.  One line players will be tossed free balls which they must pass to the setting target.  On the other side of the court, players will be served to and must receive serve and pass to the setting target. Evaluators will be assessing how well a player can pass the ball to the given target, taking into account things like form, footwork, accuracy and consistency.

Setting (15 minutes)

Players will be asked to set three balls to the three most common hitting positions on the court: outside, middle and opposite (back).  Players will be tossed balls by another player. Evaluators will be looking to see how well the setter can set the ball to the specified position taking into account ball handling, accuracy, consistency, placement and overall setting quality.

Hitting/Spiking (15 minutes)

Players will form three hitting lines and will hit from the three most common hitting zones: outside, middle and opposite.  Each line will have a specified target for players to hit in order to get an idea of how well the player can control the spike. Evaluators will be looking for how well the player can spike the ball taking into consideration the approach, arm swing, power, consistency and accuracy of ball placement.

Serving (10 Minutes)

Players will serve to one of three targets on either side of the court with the goal being to serve the ball as close as possible to the assigned targets without hitting the serve out or into the net.Evaluators will assess how well the player can serve the ball over the net and to the assigned target, looking for serving accuracy, power, consistency and versatility.

Scrimmage (40 minutes)

Each player will play a simulated game scrimmage and will play all 6 rotations around the court.  Players will then be asked to switch courts or teams based on skills and continue to play until evaluators have had the chance to see them play in all 6 rotations. Evaluators will be assessing the combined skills of each player including volleyball IQ, defense/blocking, rotating, court spacing, reaction time, depth perception, speed, competitiveness, and all-around volleyball skill.

Each player is required to participate in all of the drills outlined and will be rated based on their overall performance in all of the categories.  Failure or poor performance in one skill does not necessarily exclude someone from placing into a higher division or automatically include them in a lower division.  A player's all-around performance will ultimately be the criteria by which the Committee will rate them into a division.  At the end of each clinic, all players will receive their official rating for the upcoming season.  All rating disputes must be communicated to the Evaluations Chair as soon as possible in order to officially protest the rating.

Join Before Getting Rated!

If I am not rated yet can I still register for the season? 
You're still eligible to register for the season prior to getting evaluated. You'll need to choose the division for Unrated Players. Once you attend a new member clinic your registration will automatically convert to the appropriate division the night you receive your rating (as long as there are still spots open). Registering early does not guarantee you a spot in the upcoming season though. We highly recommend you attend one of the early New Member Clinics to receive your rating. Joining DIVA is a two step process -evaluation and registration. If you receive your rating after your division is full, you will not be placed on a team but your money will be refunded. 

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