Website Overhaul

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Why a new website?

History of systems.

It's more than just a website update! Based on member and board feedback, the old website and league management platforms were not meeting current needs. Many members were not aware that there were several league management platforms in use on the back end. One system was used for the website, another for most league management, and yet another for payment processing. Additionally, a lot of the development in the old systems was custom and is not scalable as we grow. League schedules were also being created by hand which is time intensive and can lead to human error during the data entry.

Benefits of new platform.

The new site is a central location with a robust tool set for both board members and league players. DIVA is now able to have a modern, mobile-friendly website that is updated automatically by the league management platform. Payments, scheduling, standings, waivers, and more can all be done in the same place. It also allows us better reporting which is required for our non-profit status.

Members will receive their login information during the week of June 23rd. If you want to login early, please click the login button and click "Forgot Password?" If you do not receive your password reset email, we may have an out-of-date email from you. Please email us at to reset your password.   

Learn how to navigate your member portal!

What can members do? 

Member account dashboard.

Members can quickly access leagues, teams, schedules, and standings right from your league site. And simple account tools let users manage their own passwords, email addresses and profile info so you donâ??t have to.

Team home page.

Display up-to-date team rosters, schedules, and standings to your team members. Players and managers can both easily message teammates. Managers can track who has paid league dues, send invites to new recruits, and manage pending player requests to join their team.

Captain communication.

Now, captains can easily communicate with their teams about important items. Players are automatically emailed reminders about playing times so there is no need for captains to do this every week. They can concentrate more on building team unity and finding subs.

Social integration.

Players are able to connect to their Facebook accounts so you don't need another login, just use Facebook Connect! You can also like and share most of the pages in the site so you can help recruit your friends to play with DIVA.


What do you need to do as a player?

Members who have played in the last few seasons will receive an email with your login information. Players will now need to login to register for leagues to make sure we are legally compliant with risk waivers and to better manage divisional caps. If you have not received your email with login credentials by July 1, 2014, please email Adam Cebulski.

Learn how to navigate your member portal!  

Learning the New Website

As always, we know transitioning to a new site can be difficult. Things are in different places, everything looks different, and overall, it's just a new experience. This page is intended to help you understand how to find the current items you're used to on the old DIVA website. We developed the new website based on member feedback, and we'll continue to collect it now that we're live. Just use the feedback feature at the top right to provide us with feedback on the site. As always, try to be as specific as possible - don't just tell us what you want, let us know why or how you'd use it!

Check out the screenshots and descriptions below. For information on navigating the mobile member portal, please visit the Learn Mobile page. Clicking on images will make them larger.


The homepage has been given a complete facelift - appropriate for DIVA's 25th anniversary! It provides a simpler design, bright color palette, and less information at once.


The About section provides information on the league as a whole. Much of this information was spread out throughout the site previously and now has a central home. You can learn the qualifiers for each division as well as who the board members are and what issues they handle. You're also able to quickly access the rules for each league of play. Much of this information is constant throughout the year.


Leagues links you to the upcoming and active leagues in DIVA. These pages are where you will find the registration links, schedules, and standings for each division. While we know the schedule was linked directly to the homepage before, it also ended up requiring multiple navigation sets (3 total) so to make it easy we've condensed it. If you want one click access to the schedule, we recommend bookmarking it in your browser.


Any non-league activities like Clinics, Miss DIVA, the Bachelor Auction, and more will be linked from this section. Activities will allow you to register directly through the system.


The tournaments section will house all tournament registration and information for DIVA-sponsored tournaments, including NAGVA ones.

Member Info

The member info section provides information for active members including logging in, reevaluation info, and tutorials on how to use the website, member portal, and mobile site. Previously members asked for a way to have information tailored specifically to them, and this section and the member portal is how you'll get it!


The Join DIVA section is new to the website. We heard a lot of feedback about how confusing it was to join DIVA and how potential new members didn't know what to expect. We're simplifying that process by showing them exactly how to do it!

Member Dashboard

What Features Will Not Be Included? 

While we always try to retain the same features when migrating to a new site, sometimes it isn't possible, or it doesn't make sense to do so. There are a few features that are not in the new site and we'll do our best to try to explain why that is. 

Full Member Directory

There will be no full member directory for the new website. Board members and division reps will have access to directories related to their positions but after review of this feature, ultimately it came down to the league no longer being comfortable putting people's information out there and fully abdiing by legal privacy regulations. While it was hidden behind an email field, it still is not neccessary for someone in one division to find out another division's member's contact information. For the purposes of subbing, captains will be able to use the new site and our Facebook Group to accomplish this task.  We also heard from members they had been contacted by other members for non-DIVA related communication. We understand this will be a transition but you can always contact the Registrar or your division rep to be connected to players. Please note, they will not give you someone's contact information, they will give that person's yours to respect their privacy. 

Registering for Someone Else

With the new site, each person has their own login information and account. This is to ensure each person accepts the legal waiver prior to each season start and to ensure member portals are accurate. We also need to keep clean records for our non-profit status. We know this is a change but registration is so easy now, it will not take much more time to have each person register themselves.  


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