League Play Non-Roster Sub Fee

League Play Non-Roster Sub Fee



II. Substitution Fees

A.  The Substitution Fee for any Non-Roster Member will be $10 for each day/night played in league competition.  There is no charge for a Roster Member to sub in league competition.  

B.  Team Captains must ensure the substitution fee is paid for any Non-Roster sub the day/night in which the sub plays for their respective team.  If payment is not received by end of day Sunday after Friday night of play, then the respective Team may not utilize any subs, Roster or Non-Roster, until all such fees have been paid-in-full.  The use of a sub while substitution fees remain in arrears will result in forfeiture of each game in which a sub plays.  

Remember to choose the appropriate date of play you subbed for and which division and team.  

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